Intensive centralization has long been typical of the transport and forwarding business. As a consequence of this, the number of businesses in the field has dropped while large multinational companies have closed down their branches in the provinces.

In a way the establishment of Oy SNcargo Ltd was a counter-reaction to this centralization.

In 1996 transport professionals with decades of experience set up a new company whose competitiveness was based on know-how and expertise acquired over a long period. Our expertise together with a global network of contacts fully acquainted with local conditions guarantee our successful handling of international transport by road, ship, air and rail including customs formalities.

Our long-term customer relations are based on meeting the diverse needs of our clients to their complete satisfaction. SNcargo’s clientele has also been expanding fairly rapidly. Being independent and flexible enables SNcargo to react speedily to the continuous changes taking place in the field and take into consideration the special transport and logistical needs different companies have.

SNcargo is extremely experienced in handling import and export transport and logistics within small as well as medium-size and large companies.

What is our competitiveness based on?

International transport and logistics have been our field of business for decades.  The expertise, know-how and experience acquired over a long period enable us find a competitive solution to any transport and logistical need. Please get in touch - we will be happy to help.